Our portfolio features clients from our previous entity, CHELCA Publishing (2009-2022), in addition to current web production arm Delaney Road.

LEGACY Franchise Ventures

Client incorporated traditional website setup with database signup

Charlotte Networking Week

Sponsor-friendly website for annual conference listing with gallery installation (but not activated) and event listing

Women Who Jam

Brand website for recurring performance series

Veranda Adkins

Client re-design, while maintaining bio identity. Layout built around travel business and recently launched podcast.

Brittani Menina

Client-for-business "all in one" website with bonus standalone blog design.

Keith Cradle

Client-for-business "all in one" website (formerly political campaign website, heavily modified to general branding website).

28 Entertainment

Client business for booking and presentation purposes; heavily media emphasis

JSW Media

"All in one" PR website with mailing list signup and press news area.